Who We Are


We are a group of followers of Jesus Christ who are committed to live out our faith in the real world.

We are compelled to tell the most incredibly Good News of all time.

THE PROMiSE is a church that is the center of community life by ministering to whole families by providing a variety of resources as we work toward more fully realizing a contemporary version of the church described in the Second Chapter of the Book of Acts in the Bible - believers gathering and holding things in common, in today's context.

The phrase "Real Faith for Real Life!" reflects the attitude that directs every aspect of how church is "done."  By offering the Gospel in creative ways that speak to the head and heart, THE PROMiSE helps people do their best to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus in everyday living.  This practical nature of faith is the hallmark of the teaching at THE PROMiSE.

Faith is presented at THE PROMiSE in a way that brings people into daily "life" with Jesus.  We are a church of excited Christ-followers who have redefined “Church” not as an one-hour, or once-a-week quota to be met, but as a radical call to a twenty-four hour, seven day a week lifestyle to be experienced; where nurture and accountability combine to produce unparalleled spiritual growth.


"You matter to God, you really are precious, and you are so loved that God Himself came to show you the way to real life!"