Boutique Registration

2017 THE PROMiSE United Methodist Church Art and Craft Boutique
November 4th, 9AM – 3PM

  1. All applications will be juried. Please include photos with application.
  2. Items sold must be 100% Hand-crafted items
  3. Booth space is approximately 8’X10’ and cost $50. Cost is with or without table. Electric spaces are limited and will have a $10 extra fee (one outlet per reserved booth).
  4. Reservations are non-refundable. The Boutique committee reserves the right to refuse space to anyone
  5. A donation-only entry fee will be advertised. Shoppers will get a $1 raffle ticket for every non-perishable item or $1 they donate. All proceeds will benefit the Come to Me food pantry.
  6. A $5 valued donation is requested from each of the crafters to be used towards the raffle.
  7. Deadline for registration is October 5th, 2017
  8. Setup: November 4th beginning at 6:30AM- 8:30AM.
  9. There will be NO early teardowns.
  10. Nelson’s Chicken will be selling chicken and potatoes during lunch hours. You may pre-order your food with application

If paying by check download the form here: 2017 TPC app form

Craft Boutique

    (Includes a 6 foot table and two chairs)
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  • Single Order
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    Paypal payment will be requested once you click "Submit" If you wish to pay by check, please send application in by mail using the application of top of this page.