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Welcome to THE PROMiSE Church!

Real Faith for Real Life.

Whether you are a longtime Christian or someone who simply has questions about life, faith, or God, you’ll likely find something here that will pique your interest. THE PROMiSE is truly one of those things you simply must experience to believe — it’s church like you’ve never seen before. Our purpose as a church is to Develop Persons into Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ. We do this collectively as a church by living:

The Promise Church LIFE

L – Loving persons individually and unconditionally.

I – Inviting them to know and accept Jesus personally as Savior.

F – Teaching them to Follow Jesus with every aspect of their lives, honoring him as Lord.

E – Equipping and Empowering them to Engage the world in mission in Jesus’ name.

We welcome your questions of faith and your struggles with life, as we have them too!  We’d love to help you navigate your faith journey together. We invite you to be our guest this Sunday. Come and experience real faith for real life…it’s about time.